Roundtable Staff Objectives

Roundtables are a form of commissioner service and supplemental training for volunteers at all levels. The objective of roundtables is to give leaders program ideas; information on policy, events, and training opportunities; and an opportunity to share experiences and enjoy fun and fellowship with other Scouting leaders. The roundtable commissioner and staff demonstrate elements of a model meeting that leaders may use as a pattern for their own meetings. The roundtable experience will inspire, motivate, and enable unit leaders to provide a stronger program for their Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos and Boy Scouts.

Meeting Times:

Monthly from September to May

The First Thursday night of the month

7 PM - 8 PM

Saint Luke’s United Methodist Church, Danville VA

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Commissioners Corner Pages

Summit Shakedown 2012

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Commissioners Story or Activity

The Most Popular Man

  • One day at work, Bob was bragging that he knew everyone that was anyone. His boss got tired of his boasting and decided to call him on it.
    He said, 'OK Bob, how about Clint Eastwood? Do you know him?'
    'Oh sure ', said Bob. 'He and my Dad shoot pheasant together and he's a great guy.'
    'OK, prove it', said his boss. 'Let's fly out to Hollywood and you can introduce me.'
    'Great!', said Bob. And so they did. They took a taxi to Mr. Eastwood's estate, Bob knocks on the door, Mr. Eastwood opens it and shouts, 'Bob! Hey, great to see you! You and your friend come on in and have lunch.'
    Bob's boss was impressed, but still skeptical. When they left after lunch, he said, 'That was a coincidence that you knew Clint Eastwood. How about President Bush?'
    'Sure, I know him', replied Bob. So, they fly off to Washington, DC and head to the White House.
    As they are touring the grounds, Mr. Bush sees Bob and comes right over saying, 'My gosh, Bob, I haven't seen you in a couple years. Come on in, have some coffee and let's catch up.'
    After a couple hours, Bob and his boss are escorted off the White House grounds and Bob asks his boss, 'Well, do you believe me now?'
    His boss, shaken and a bit bewildered, but still not completely convinced says, 'I'll believe you if you show me you know one more person - the Pope.'
    'Certainly', says Bob, 'I've known the Pope since I was just a little kid. Let's fly over to Italy.'
    So, off to Rome they fly and join a mass of people in Vatican Square waiting to catch a glimpse of the Pope. Bob says, 'There's no way I can get the Pope's attention with all these people here. How about if I go talk to one of the guards I know and then I'll come out on the balconey with the Pope to prove to you I know him.'
    Bob's boss waits as Bob heads off into the crowd. About 15 minutes later, the Pope emerges on the balconey and right beside him is Bob waving to the crowd.
    When Bob returned a few minutes later to where he had left his boss, there were paramedics there surrounding his boss laying on the ground - he had had a heart attack. Bob rushes up and asks what happened.
    His boss looks up at him and replies, 'I was doing ok when you came out on the balconey. But then the guy next to me asks 'Hey, who's that up on there on the balconey with Bob?"

Commissioners Guest

  • Could not make it.

Scout Games

Bravest Scout in the World



  • Leader (the victim)
  • 4 to 10 scouts
  • A trophy
  • materials for simple costumes for dracula, mummy, werewolf would be a plus. (use a piece of paper with the monsters name on it for our demonstration)
  • Give MC, Billy and monsters a copy of the script. The LEADER is just to be told that he will present the trophy at the end. HE OR SHE IS THE VICTIM!!


  • Give the trophy to the unsuspecting Leader telling him that you'll ask him to present it to the scout after this skit.
  • Have BILLY the brave scout sitting in the audience. (Be sure Billy has  a copy of the game so he can prepare)
  • Have all the other scouts offstage.
  • Script:
    MC: Scouts, Parents, and Guests - welcome. We have with us today a very special scout. Billy, please come up here. This young man has proven his bravery through trials and challenges most of us would never dream of let alone live through.
    Billy is afraid of nothing! He has traveled through Transylvania during a full moon, camped out alone in a cemetery, and even kissed a girl once!

    MC: I'm sure some of you probably don't believe anyone could be so brave so I've rounded up some of the most gruesome monsters that have ever walked the face of the earth. Billy will demonstrate his bravery for you.

    MC: Here comes DRACULA - a blood-thirsty fiend from the old country!
    (Dracula glides up to Billy and raises his arms about to attack.)
    (Billy smiles and shakes his hand.)
    (Dracula dejectedly shuffles off behind Billy while werewolf is coming on.)
    MC: And now, a foul werewolf from England - a ferocious beast of the night!
    (Werewolf charges in, growling and clawing the air.)
    (Billy yawns as he looks at the werewolf.)
    (werewolf whimpers away behind Billy as mummy comes in.)
    MC: The mummy! an undead creature from Egypt!
    (Mummy walks in with arms straight ahead, groaning and mumbling.)
    (Billy checks his wristwatch and looks bored.)
    (mummy shuffles away as next monster comes in.)

    You can use zombie, King Kong, Gollum, ... but Billy is friendly or bored with them all.
    Finally all the monsters are gathered behind Billy.

    MC: As you can see, nothing scares this bravest of scouts, not even the most hideous monsters of the world. And, to recognize Billy's bravery, our leader, Mr. ______, will now present him with a small trophy. Good job, Billy!

    (Billy needs to keep looking out at the audience and smiling. As the leader gets close to him and holds out the trophy, Billy turns from the audience to look at him. Then with a terrified look on his face he runs away from the leader screaming. All the monsters and MC also run away yelling, screaming, and moaning as they leave the stage.)

Commissioners Announcements

  • Dates:
    • April 21: BB and Archery Range Certification
    • May 6, 2010: May Roundtable
    • May 8, 2010: ITT Night Vision's 10th  Annual Scout Safety Awareness Day
      • Boy Scouts will have the opportunity to earn up to two merit badges or interest
        projects in a variety of training sessions.  There will also be multiple demonstrations planned
        including: Police K‐9 units, SWAT units, Carilion Life Guard, Fire Marshall trailer, Mill Mountain
        Zoo, & Local Rescue Squads.  Scouts are requested to be in uniform.  Portable chairs or ground
        cloths are suggested.  A commemorative patch and picnic lunch will be provided free of charge.
      • When: Saturday, May 8th , 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
      • Where: ITT Night Vision, 7635 Plantation Road, Roanoke, VA  24019
      • Cost: Registration is free but limited to the first ~600 participants

    • June 26, 2010Wet'n Wild Boy Scout Day at Emerald Pointe

Commissioners Recipe

  • Remind everyone to bring their favorite dish and another scout leader to the May Roundtable. We are going to have a potluck dinner. 
  • Pizza for Breakfast
    • Ingredients
      1 tube of Crescent Rolls
      1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
      1 cup hash browns
      1 green onion
      1 lb sausage
      3 eggs
      3 Tbsp red bell pepper
      3 Tbsp yellow bell pepper
      3 Tbsp milk
      3 Tbsp parmesan cheese
      1/2 tsp salt
      1 tsp pepper
    • Instructions
      Grate the cheese
      Thaw the hash browns if they are frozen
      Slice the onion
      Brown and drain the sausage
      Beat the eggs
      Dice the peppers

      Unroll the crescent rolls and cover the bottom of a 12 inch Dutch Oven with flattened crescent rolls.
      Sprinkle sausage, peppers, hash browns, green onion, and cheddar cheese evenly over the rolls.
      Mix eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl.
      Pour egg mixture into D.O.
      Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.

      Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees, about 10 briquettes on bottom and 15 on top.

Commissioners Minute

In Honor of Memorial Day

I am your Flag.
I was born on June 14th, 1777.
I am more than just cloth shaped into design.
I am the refuge of the World's oppressed people.
I am the silent sentinel of Freedom.
I am the emblem of the greatest sovereign nation on earth.
I am the inspiration for which American Patriots gave their lives and fortunes.
I have led your sons into battle from Valley Forge to the bloody swamps of Vietnam.
I walk in silence with each of your Honored Dead, to their final resting place beneath the silent White Crosses, row upon row.
I have flown through Peace and War, Strife and Prosperity, and amidst it all I have been respected.

My Red Stripes....symbolize the blood spilled in defense of this glorious nation.
My White Stripes....signify the burning tears shed by Americans who lost their sons.
My Blue indicative of God's heaven under which I fly.
My Stars....clustered together, unify 50 states as one, for God and Country.

"Old Glory" is my nickname, and proudly I wave on high.
Honor me, respect me, defend me with your lives and fortunes.
Never let my enemies tear down from my lofty position, lest I never return.
Keep alight the fires of patriotism, strive earnestly for the spirit of democracy.
Worship Eternal God and keep His Commandments, and I shall remain the bulwark of peace and freedom for all mankind.

I am your Flag.

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